About us

Hi everyone.  My name is Matt and I live to explore the world around me.  I have a passion for developing innovative products to help accomplish my goal of staying outside.  If you found this website, we're probably pretty similar.  We like cool stuff for our trucks and we like to get "Off-the-Grid" every now and then.

OFF-GRID ENGINEERING LLC is a Colorado based company focused on building the most reliable, expedition and off-road worthy, Toyota Trucks and accessories. 

To safely get to these remote places we like to go, our trucks must be properly outfitted.  What does that mean?  A properly tuned suspension and a robust, reliable power system is a great place to start...

To that end, we build the most beautifully engineered dual-battery trays and wiring kits available on the market today! We also sell Toytec Suspension Systems!  We have way more up our sleeve as far as getting you off the grid... So stay tuned!

Off-Grid Engineering LLC is a limited liability company. Our products are designed for off-road use only and have not been tested for collision scenarios. We can not be held liable for faulty installation of products or damage to vehicles caused by the faulty use or damage of our products. Please do not modify any of our wiring or cable kits. We always recommend circuit protection/ fusible links for aftermarket wiring.