Blue Sea ML-ACR with Tinned Wire Ends (7622)

Blue Sea ML-ACR with Tinned Wire Ends (7622)

$ 189.00

The Blue Sea Systems ML-ACR (Magnetic Latching Automatic Charging Relay) is the most robust, reliable, dual-voltage sensing "smart relay" on the market.  This is why we have chosen this workhorse to be the heart of all of our dual battery systems.  

This 500 amp, dual voltage sensing, "smart" relay automatically combines batteries during charging and isolates batteries when discharging, making it ideal for automotive dual battery systems.

This particular model of the ML-ACR (7622) comes with tinned wire ends. This leaves the option of connection to a switch of your choice or only adding a ground and then manually overriding the ML-ACR from the yellow knob.

Detailed Description

500 Amp magnetic latching (bi-stable) relay automatically combines batteries during charging and isolates batteries when discharging and when starting engine


  • Manual control switch provides an added level of safety allowing control with or without power, and offering LOCK OFF capability for servicing
  • Automatically manages the charging of two large battery banks
  • Allows paralleling of battery banks for emergency starting
  • 500 Ampere continuous rating to support high-output alternators
  • Magnetic Latch (ML)—ACR draws very low current (<40mA to monitor terminal voltage) in the "ON" or "OFF" states, and draws moderate current for very short time when changing state
  • Dual sensing—senses charge on both battery banks
  • Start Isolation (SI)—can be configured for temporary isolation of House loads from Engine circuit during engine cranking to protect sensitive electronics
  • Engine Isolation (EI)—can be configured for isolation of two engines while both are running to protect engine electronics and maximize alternator output
  • Senses charging on two battery banks
  • LED output to remotely indicate when batteries are combined, isolated, in voltage lockout, or in Start or Engine isolation
  • 3/8"-16 tin-plated copper studs for maximum conductivity and corrosion resistance
  • 7/8" (22mm) stud length accepts multiple cable terminals
  • Silver alloy contacts provide high reliability for switching live loads
  • Label recesses for circuit identification


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