Complete Blue Sea ML-ACR package with Off-Grid Engineering plug-and-play wiring harness

Blue Sea ML-ACR with OGE Wiring Harness and Switch

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The Blue Sea Systems 7622 ML-ACR (Magnetic Latching - Automatic Charging Relay) is the most robust, reliable, dual-voltage sensing "smart relay" on the market. 

This 500 amp, dual voltage sensing, "smart" relay automatically combines batteries during charging and isolates batteries when discharging, making it ideal for automotive dual battery systems.

When paired with the Blue Sea Systems switch and our exclusive "plug and play" wiring harness, the ML-ACR can be manually controlled from your drivers seat! Combine batteries for jump starting yourself, winching, or other high amp draw scenarios.  Manually isolate batteries for extra peace of mind.  Or, simply place in "auto" mode for a worry free setup.  

The Blue Sea Systems 2146 switch has built in LED's that illuminate when batteries are combined or flash to alert for potential problems with your battery system.


Kit Includes:

  • Blue Sea 7622-100B ML-ACR with Deutsch Connector
  • Blue Sea 2146 Contura Switch
  • Off-Grid Engineering's Exclusive Plug-and-Play Wiring Harness
  • Instruction Sheet


**If you have purchased a complete dual battery system from Off-Grid Engineering in the past and would like to upgrade your ML-ACR to accept the new wiring harness and in-cab switch, please email us at**

Off-Grid Engineering LLC is a limited liability company. Our products are designed for off-road use only and have not been tested for collision scenarios. We can not be held liable for faulty installation of products or damage to vehicles caused by the faulty use or damage of our products. Please do not modify any of our wiring or cable kits. We always recommend circuit protection/ fusible links for aftermarket wiring.